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Fload is an ai powered warehouse picking optimization software that helps warehouses to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Our Features

AI-Powered Order Sequencing and Batching

Efficiently optimize your order fulfillment process with our AI-powered algorithms.

  • Prioritize orders dynamically based on various factors such as order size, urgency, and picker availability to minimize picking time and reduce order tardiness.
  • Group orders strategically to minimize picker travel time and enhance overall order fulfillment efficiency.
  • Adapt sequencing and batching in real-time to handle fluctuations in order volume and priority, ensuring maximum efficiency.
  • Gain insights into picking performance and identify areas for improvement with comprehensive performance analytics.

AI-Powered Warehouse Slotting

Revolutionize your warehouse layout with our adaptive slot allocation feature.

  • Adapt slot locations dynamically to minimize disruption and optimize space utilization.
  • Position high-demand SKUs near input/output points to reduce reposition costs and enhance turnover.
  • Minimize picker travel distances by strategically allocating slot locations, improving operational efficiency and reducing labor costs.
  • Dynamically adjust slot locations to prevent warehouse congestion during peak periods, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Real-time Visibility - Monitor your warehouse operations in real-time.
  • Replenishment Cost Minimization - Minimize replenishment costs by optimizing slotting strategies.

AI-Powered Picking Path Optimization

Experience a paradigm shift in picking efficiency with our AI-powered algorithms.

  • Identify the shortest paths for picking batches to minimize picker travel time and increase throughput.
  • Adapt paths in real-time based on warehouse conditions and order priorities to ensure optimal picking efficiency.
  • Efficiently allocate resources for picking tasks based on real-time demand, maximizing productivity and reducing costs.
  • Receive continuous insights into picking operations to drive ongoing improvements and optimize warehouse performance.

Real-time Analytics

Gain deep insights into your warehouse performance with comprehensive real-time analytics.

  • Track key metrics and identify areas for improvement.
  • Make data-driven decisions to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Receive actionable insights to optimize warehouse operations.

How It Works


Step 1: Intelligent Order Prioritization

Our AI-powered algorithm dynamically prioritizes orders based on factors like urgency and picker availability, reducing order processing time.


Step 2: Efficient Batch Optimization

Strategically grouping orders based on product location and size optimizes picking workflows, resulting in faster and cost-effective fulfillment.


Step 3: Warehouse Slotting Optimization

Our system intelligently allocates storage slots for items, minimizing travel time and maximizing warehouse space utilization.


Step 4: Picking Path Optimization

Our system identifies the most efficient paths for pickers to navigate through the warehouse, minimizing travel time and maximizing productivity.

Why Choose Fload?

Reduced Replenishment Costs

Decrease replenishment costs by 50% through efficient inventory management and slotting.

Reduced Picking Costs

Lower picking costs by 75% through optimized picking paths and resource utilization.

Optimized Space Utilization

Reduce storage costs by 30% through efficient space utilization.

Improved Efficiency

Boost productivity by 25% with streamlined workflows and processes.

Reduced Labor Costs

Cut labor expenses by 50% through optimized resource allocation.

Minimized Travel Time

Reduce picker travel time by 75% through optimized picking routes , batching and slotting.

Faster Order Fulfillment

Speed up order processing by 50% for improved customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Accuracy

Improve order accuracy by 1% to minimize returns and enhance customer satisfaction.

Increased Warehouse Throughput

Improve warehouse throughput by 25% to handle increased demand and scale operations.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Enhance customer satisfaction by 50% through faster order processing and improved accuracy.

Less Warehouse Congestion

Reduce warehouse congestion by 30% to improve workflow efficiency and safety.

More On-time Fulfilled Orders

Increase on-time fulfillment to 95% to meet customer expectations and reduce delays.

Enhanced Inventory Visibility

Increase inventory accuracy by 35% through dedicated slotting approach

How to Get Started

1. Sign Up for Free

Create your account and get started with Fload for free. No upfront costs.

2. Choose a Plan

Select a plan that suits your business needs and budget.

3. Integrate Your Webstore

Connect your webstore to Fload to seamlessly integrate our optimization features.

4. Provide Configuration Inputs

Configure batching, sequencing, and slotting settings according to your warehouse requirements.

5. Use Fload

Utilize Fload's powerful features to optimize your warehouse operations.

6. Pay Based on Usage

At the end of the billing period, you'll be charged based on your actual usage.

7. Enjoy Flexible Billing

Our usage-based payment model ensures you only pay for what you use, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Unlock 10x ROI with Our Warehouse Solutions

Experience significant cost savings and efficiency gains with our AI-powered warehouse solutions. By optimizing order sequencing, batching, slotting, and picking path optimization, our solutions drive a remarkable 10x return on investment for your business.

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